Privacy & Policy!

As stated by the privacy act or 19 CFR 103.31 (d), the public can gather data at every entry port. Importers’ names are gathered and published by the reporters that have been taken from the manifest data of the vessels unless the confidentiality is requested by the shipper/importer.

Information to be included in the confidentiality request is:

  • The confidentiality type requested such as inward, outward or both
  • The requesting party (e.g., consignee, shipper, importer, etc)
  • Requestor’s mailing address in US
  • Provide EIN (If you have one)
  • The different name variants of the company. You can provide up to 10 name variants.

After making the request, the exporters and importer can stop showing the confidential information on Import Genius, PIERS and other such reports.

Renewal request for the extension of confidentiality period should be sent before 60-90 days of expiry. CBP does not approve more than 10 variants of the company name. Ensure to include US EIN and US mailing address. For confidentiality requests, you don’t have to pay any fees.

The information to be included in the renewal requests is same as that of the confidentiality requests, which include US mailing address and US EIN (if available).

Once the confidentiality request is approved, you will get an acknowledgement. In the acknowledgement letter, you cannot find the time period of your confidentiality. You can only find the start date from which the confidentiality is effective. The response time cannot be predicted and we need at least 60-90 days to process the request.